The Affiliate Marketing Awards Ambassador Program applies the best principles of affiliate marketing. What better place to showcase effective partnerships?

Benefits include:

-A free ticket to the awards ceremony
-Discounted tickets for friends
-Great commission on ticket sales
-Personalized business cards to hand out
-Free tickets to other events
-Exposure on the site and in other places

Current Ambassadors

Heather Smith @heatherinBC

Heather is the Blog Lounge Mistress at Affiliate Summit and blogs at

Tim Jones

Tim Jones is an internet entrepreneur, professional speaker, video blogger, husband, and father. He has been working with internet businesses and affiliate marketing for over 10 years. Tim is the co-founder and CEO of Destinations To Explore, Inc.; a collection of travel sites that focus on the number one travel destination in the world, Disney World.

Andrew Bennet


Recently described as “probably the best blogger in the world”. If Carling made bloggers they would have made Drew

Trisha Lyn Fawver

Trisha burst onto the affiliate marketing scene in 2006 with no shortage of enthusiasm. Quickly turning her passionate desire to learn into actionable items and real results, she has managed various affiliate programs, from lead gen to retail, B2B and B2C, both in-house and with industry-leading outsourced program management agencies. Trisha currently works with For Me To Coupon, an automated affiliate coupon feed, managing projects, running social media, and assisting clients. Trisha co-hosts a podcast on the network, Affiliate Marketing Fanatics, with Mike Buechele.

Allen Horwitz

Allen Horwitz has focused his twenty year technology oriented sales
and Internet marketing career on building relationships which create
lasting value. He is currently the co-founder of SalesINK, a company
that focuses on great people, great products, and great opportunities.

Bob Fenster

Leveraging 40 years of business and sales experience, Bob Fenster has recently co-founded SalesInk to assist GREAT businesses in solving their sales problems. Relationships and the use of positive internet image and marketing are at the core of the GREAT techniques used by SalesInk.

If you would like to become an ambassador please contact us.

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